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Here you will find all of our training videos on major functions from within Kindful

These videos will also appear within the Kindful App as you are navigating the system

Be sure to check back in for new videos

A Kindful Overview

Here is a walkthrough of the Kindful system

Training Slides

Click the link above to check out our Getting Started Guide to walk you through Kindful

A Kindful Glossary

Get to know more about Kindful as a solution as well as the terms you will see in the system

Connect an Email Marketing Integration

Connecting MailChimp

Connecting Emma

Activities and Filtering

Learn how to access and use your Activities page and create reports off your filtered data.

Adding Transactions

Learn how to add transactions of various type into Kindful manually


Watch this video showing you how to activate a new Cause in Kindful


Create a Cause (Peer to Peer Fundraising) in Kindful


Learn about CAPTCHA and Kindful and how to customize your feature settings

Creating a Cause Team Page

Team members can create Team pages within your Cause

Column Sets (new)

Save time in report creation by adding Column sets

Registration Forms

Create registration forms within Kindful to capture non-transactional information


Learn more about your Contacts page


See more about all the Dashboard has to offer

Deleting Transactions (new)

Learn how to delete any transaction from your Kindful account

Donate Page

Set up your Donate Page and get a button for your website

Fund/Campaign Totals (new)

Get a beautiful, graphic overview of donations by Campaign or Fund


See more about Kindful Groups


The Kindful Import Tool

Learn about the import tool, how to map your data, and import it into your live account.

How to use a Filter (new)

Watch this to see how to properly activate a filter to get the results you're seeking

Invoices (new)

Get a listing of all of your Kindful subscription and related charges directly from your Kindful account

Merging Duplicates (new)

Check out effective ways to use our Duplicate Merge functionality


See how to track Pledge data in Kindful

Recurring Donation Dates (new)

Set custom Recurring Donation Dates on your donation pages.  Contact Support to enable this complimentary feature if needed

Reports Overview (new)

Understand what all of these reports are for and what types of data they output


Create a report, choose your own columns, export it and even schedule it for automatic delivery

Report History (new)

Use Report History to easily access previously download and created reports

Scheduled Reports (new)

Get the right info to the right person at the right time

Settings and Tools (new)

Understand your Settings and Tools pages in Kindful


All about Snailers (letters) in Kindful

Text To Give (new)

Learn about how to use Kindful's Text to Give feature.  There is a setup on this feature, so be sure to let us know if you're interested in more info

Turn on Admin Notifications (new)

Get notified when a donor gives,  a registration form is completed and more

Using Two-Part Filters (new)

Understand how to identify and use two part filters in Kindful

Using Or Statements (new)

Watch how to use an Or Statement in Kindful to give you the desired search results

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